Monday, October 20, 2014

Day 20: Our Bedroom

Today I'm thankful for our bedroom.  I love this room and I hang out here a lot.  I know they say you should really only use your bed for sleeping and sex, but I just am not one of those people.  I write most of my blog posts here, I paint my nails here, I eat dinner with my hubby and watch tv here, it's basically like my living room... 

That "LOVE" sign is the extent of our decorating in here.  I have realized through these posts this week that I am a very slow decorator, but I am ok with that.  It gives me time to really decide what I like and makes me feel less guilty about buying those rare but perfect "have to have them" pieces when I stumble across them.  :)  

Part of the reason I hang out here so much is we don't have central air and this room is a lot easier to cool down/heat up than the rest of the house. It's also just calm and soothing to me, I find this room peaceful so I like to be in it a lot. 

When we were looking for a new house, finding one with a nice master bedroom was a big deal to us. We have a huge bed set that I LOVE.  (I may or may not have cried when we found it. (Wedding stress makes you do crazy things.)) Its a fabulous bed, but it is enormous and our last bedroom only fit the bed and a chest of drawers with about two feet of space to squeeze around it. It was literally like a closet with a bed in it.  I'm serious, you could get in bed with your hand on the doorknob. It was cozy and we loved it but we definitely wanted to upgrade in our next bedroom. 

This house definitely surpassed our expectations and I'm so thankful for such a lovely bedroom to rest and relax in.  :)

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