Sunday, October 26, 2014

Day 26: Our Neighbors

Today I'm thankful for our neighbors.  We moved into a very welcoming neighborhood and I'm thankful that we are able to make relationships and get to know the people who live where we live.

We came from a neighborhood where it sometimes felt like everyone was avoiding each other so that they wouldn't have to talk to anybody.  We got a little used to that and expected it to take a long time to get to know people in our new town.

I'm so glad that wasn't the case!  We met several of our neighbors on the day that we moved in.  A few weeks later, we had neighbors knocking on our doors to talk to us and coming into our backyard to invite us over for burgers and a beer.  There's two picnic benches in Greg's yard for monthly cookouts all summer.  There's an annual neighborhood pig roast on the 4th of July.  It's basically one big family here.  That was a little intimidating at first, and it still takes a little getting used to, but we love it!

Today, we are having everyone over for a Fall celebration. We are carving pumpkins, playing cornhole, drinking pumpkin ale and cider, and building relationships with the people who are living life right next door to us.  This blesses my little fellowship-driven heart and I'm excited about the community that we are building with God's help.

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