Sunday, October 12, 2014

Day 12: Our Town

Today I'm thankful for our town.  I love where we live and the tight community feel that we have.  We live very close to the historic part of Sykesville, and it seems like there is almost always something fun going on down there.

I've blogged about the Art and Wine festival that they have every year.  They have outdoor movies in the park during the summer, farmers markets every Sunday, and monthly concerts in the park and local pub.  They also have an annual Beer and Chili Cook Off in September and a Fall Festival which we attended yesterday.

There were lots of local vendors and shops to visit.

And karate demonstrations from the local classes.

And The Bird from the Orioles even came to visit! :)

Sykesville is such a fun place to live and I'm so glad we discovered it while house-hunting.  :)  I love our house, and our neighbors, and the local community around us.  We are blessed to live here and hope that God uses us to be a blessing to those who live here too.

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