Sunday, October 5, 2014

Day 5: My Church

Today I'm thankful for my church. We've been attending our church for about a year now. It's a new church, planted at the beginning of 2014. I've never been part of a church plant and it's been really cool to see the birth and growth of this vision and to share a role in that. I love the community that's being built, I love the people and all the friends we've made, and I love the leadership and what they're about. 

Before we found Christ Church I was in a lonely place. We were still relatively new to the area and hadn't made many connections. Our old church and friends were an hour away which isn't super far in the grand scheme of things, but it made investing in relationships a serious time commitment throughout the week. 

We met a really awesome couple at our first community group meeting and have grown super close.  The four of us have started a monthly game night with several other couples and I definitely feel like these are people we can really do life with.  I'm very grateful for these friends and so happy to not feel so lonely anymore.

I'm also really grateful for our pastor.  He's just a really down-to-earth guy and I love that he practices what he preaches.  He tells us to love on our neighbors and bring them to church, but he's also bringing his neighbors to church.  He's having us over for lunch on Sunday afternoons and hosting a church-wide picnic at his house.  He loves his congregation and you can tell.  

I've been a part of several churches throughout the years, but this one really feels like home.  I'm so thankful to have found it and can't wait to see what the Lord does in our lives through Christ Church.  

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