Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 Days of Thankfulness

Something the Lord's been teaching me about lately is that He wants me to have a joyful and merry heart.  I want that for myself too, but it's definitely not a strong point for me.  I can be a pretty pessimistic person at times and have really tried to make some changes in that area this year.  

Most of my monthly goals that I blog about are "physical" goals, meaning they don't have too much to do with my spiritual or emotional self.  At the beginning of the year, however, I really did feel that the Lord wanted me to make joy a goal for this year too.  I didn't add that to my list because I didn't really know how to make that into a goal that you could measure progress in, but it has been consistently on my mind as the months have gone by.  I guess you could say that's my "Word" for the year.  

One of the books I'm reading has recently touched on this topic.  It was talking about how joy begins with thanksgiving and that the way we can practice having a merry heart and a joyful spirit is to take time each day to give thanks.  I love the idea of practicing joy.  It doesn't happen overnight.  It becomes a habit just like any other attitude.  

I've been trying to remember to consciously take time to be thankful each day.  It also just so happens that Myquillyn Smith's 31 Day Challenge starts today.  I never do anything half-heartedly so I figured, why not make this daily thankfulness a blogging challenge as well? ;) I've followed this challenge for a couple of years now, but this will be my first time participating.  I'm a little nervous, because let's face it, my track record for blogging regularly is rubbish.  You guys can feel free to comment and keep me accountable to posting every day all you want. ;)

For the month of October, I will be attempting to blog every day about one thing I am thankful for.  You can check back on this post each day for a link to my latest thankfulness post, or follow me on bloglovin' to get the posts automatically in your feed.  

Wish me luck, guys!  I'm excited! :)

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