Friday, November 8, 2013

Coming Soon to the J & J Ranch!

You guys! I'm so excited! We're getting a puppy!!

Tomorrow morning, we're bringing home this little sweetie:

I'm dying of cuteness overload.

We started searching for this little girl about a month ago.  The timing just seemed right for us to bring a dog into our family so I went into nerd overload and started researching all I could.  We applied for several that didn't work out or already had an adoption pending when we came across this puppy.  You guys, she is the cutest, sweetest thing ever.  I'm just so excited to bring her home tomorrow and love on her.  Prepare your news feeds for many puppy pictures! ;)

Also, I need help naming her! My indecisiveness is at its worst right now.  Give me your suggestions!

 My current top pick is Lacey, but I'm also considering Penny, Maci, or Josie.  What does she look like to you? I'll take new ideas as well as votes on these names. :)