Sunday, June 15, 2014

Star Crossed: Episode 12 Recap

Stupid.  That's basically how I felt about this whole episode.  I'm mad that everyone's stabbing everyone and I'm mad that Zoe's back.  Whattttt?!!!!  LOL... so this recap was a little bit of a venting sesh.  What did you guys think?

PS.  Sorry for the weirdness at the beginning.  I guess I started talking to early.  Womp womp!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

2014 Resolutions: May Recap

So I've finally come to accept that no month really goes how I hope for it to go.  I thought we'd sort of picked up momentum and would have great stats for the month, but between Doad's surgery and one heck of a kidney infection (thank you, kidneys) our momentum has pretty much stopped.  :/  

It hasn't dampened my spirits though, so I am ever hopeful that June will be a better month.  

Baby steps, people.  One foot in front of the other.  That's my motto for the year. 

1. Run 100 miles this year. 
We only ran the first week in May.  But I'm not too mad cuz 3.49 miles in one week is still pretty awesome for us.  We are going on vacation to Canada soon and both of us are excited about taking some morning runs around the lake.  Hopefully I can figure out how to track the milage on my phone without roaming???  So our total to-date is 19.08 miles and we have 80.92 miles left.  Yikes!  We now need to run about 3 miles a week in order to meet our goal.  Possible, yes.  But we definitely need to buckle down!

2. Get back to my wedding weight. 
Ehhhh.... same as always. 

3. Read 12 books. 
Book #5 = Check!  I got thru a good chunk of this book while chilling with Doad at the hospital, but then it got lost in my purse and I didn't pick it up again til last week.  I'm officially done with the Narnia series.  Can't decide what book to bring on vaca.  :/  

4. Read through one book together with Doad.
We didn't touch our Community book all month long.  I'm bringing it on our road trip to Canada tho.  It's about a 9 hour drive so we should be able to squeeze in at least one chapter, right? :p  (I'll let you know...)

5. Find a cleaning routine that works. 
I'm thinking I need to change this goal to something a little more defined.  Like, "Do at least one load of laundry every week" or "run the dishwasher every other night"... I'm just not able to find a full routine that seems to stick, however, I do feel like we've made progress with our ability to keep the house cleaner.  I think I'm trying to change too much in this area and if I can just add one chore each month that I'm doing consistently maybe that will work better? 

6. Get new items listed on my online shop.
Ok, so I had every intention of listing these new items... and then I gave them away for Mother's Day instead.  Haha.  I do have more on my sewing table just waiting to be finished.  Hopefully THIS month I will get them lissted.

7. Go to a marriage conference.
These things are really expensive!  Still looking for one we can afford.  :/

8. Go on a date with one of my sisters each month.
Jadie and I did an ice cream date in early May.  So fun!  She is growing up into such a sweet, insightful young lady.   

9. Learn Spanish
I finished with the first set of cd's this month!  When we bought the program, it came with four cases of about 16 cd's in each case.  I'm super proud to have finally gotten through a whole case.  My goal for the second case is to do about 6 lessons (or 3 cd's) each month.  Hopefully, I can keep up!

So there's my May recap.  Not a fantastic month, but not a horrible one either.
Again, it's about the baby steps. :)
What are your baby steps for this month?

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Star Crossed: Episode 11 Recap

Ooookay,  we are moving slowly with getting these recaps back on track after our little hiatus.  Hopefully our rhythm will pick up soon.  ;)

I actually really liked this episode.  I thought there were lots of great little plot twists to move the story along without the show having to get too violent or sexual to "keep it interesting".  I still think Emery's the dumbest for joining the "new" Red Hawks and don't get Julia and Eric's relationship at all.  But I'm very interested to see what happens in the next episode.  

What did you think of this episode? :)