Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Introducing Miss Lacey and Happy New Year!

*I typed most of this up about a month and a half ago... then, in my typical blogging style, let it sit here and marinate and practically become irrelevant.  But it's my blog and these are my memories so I'm posting it as is anyway.  :)  Just pretend it's from the end of November instead of the end of December.  And hopefully a more current update will be following in a week or two... but don't hold your breath ;)

My sweet little pup has been here for 3 weeks now and I just love her so much!  As always, I thought I'd be a lot better about updating with pics, but honestly, it's just so much more fun to cuddle and play with her than it is to upload all these photos. ;)

Right now she is snoozing away by my side.  She is quite a little snore monster!

These are from our first car ride home with her.  She did so good.  I was worried that she'd be car sick since it's a 1.5 hour drive, but she was a trooper!  She coughed and sort of spit up once, but it was more like drool than anything else.  Then she just curled up in my lap and slept the rest of the way!

She LOOOOOOVES her naps. :)  I think almost all of my pictures are of her when she's asleep.  Partly because its so cute and partly because that's the only time she stops moving long enough to get a non-blurry photo! She has two speeds: 1) super sleepy/zonked out & 2) crazy, hyper, energizer puppy.

Her favorite toys right now are none of the actual toys that we've bought for her, they are empty water bottles that she pulls out of our recycling bin.  She also has a thing for ice cubes as you can see in the video below: 

So cute, right?! I love her to pieces.

Well, there are a million more pictures to share, but I'm afraid I will never post this if I don't stop now.


Also, it's New Year's Eve so I guess I should say something about that ;)

This has been a wonderful year for Doad and I.  We were blessed with a wonderful perfect house at the beginning of the year.  Took a lovely vacation to Canada.  Saw several friends and family members get married.  Welcomed two more nephews to the family and found out that another niece or nephew is on the way.  And of course, we added on to our little family with our sweet pup, Lacey.

God has been super, super good to us and I am so thankful for all that He's done and taught me this year.  I've learned a lot about enjoying the moments I'm in and being content with where I am in life.  I've become more creative and resourceful.  I've learned to take action to pursue my dreams instead of just thinking about them.  Hopefully, I can carry those lessons into this next year and pick up even more good habits.  :)

So cheers to 2014 and farewell to 2013! It's been a fantastic year and I can't wait to see what lies ahead.  Enjoy your celebrations, friends! Stay warm and safe and may God bless you this coming year.