Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Exciting News For Doad and Jess!!

Happy New Year. Wow! So much has happened since I last posted. Our biggest news is this:

We bought a house!!!

Isn't is darling?  I'm so SO excited and so amazed and blessed by the way the Lord led us to this house.  It reminded me a lot of this post (minus the con artists).  God has been so faithful to us throughout the searching and I just feel so reassured about this move because I can see His hand in our story.  

I have to admit that I was starting to get a little discouraged.  I was feeling like we'd seen almost every house in MD for sale in our price range and none of them seemed to be a good fit for both me and Doad.  He would love one house and I would hate it and vice versa.  Or we would just both not like it.  

A couple Saturdays ago we had yet another unsuccessful day of house-hunting with our agent.  I just began praying to the Lord on our way home and asking him what we should do next.  I remembered how he came through for us with a car and wanted to trust him the same way for our house.  I felt this strong urge to get back online and look at the listings again.  When we got home I pulled up the website again and started looking at the houses thinking maybe we missed one.  Well we did... sort of.  There was a new one from the day before that we hadn't seen yet.  A really nice one.  

We emailed our agent and asked about it.  She told us she could take us to see it on Monday at 2PM.  That worked perfectly for us because Doad and I both had that week off (love God's timing).  When Monday came we found out that there were already 2 offers on this house and if we wanted it we'd have to make an offer that day.  Well, we loved it, made an offer, signed a million papers, and got an email back about 4 hours later with the signed contract attached.  They accepted our offer!

It took months to get to this point, but once we found the house it all happened so quickly!  We are beyond happy and cannot wait to move in.  Just 10 more days to go!  God is GOOD!


Ica said...

congrats Jess!! This is awesome news and It's such a beautiful home!!

tricia said...

I loved seeing these photos again. CONGRATS! :) So happy for you two.