Saturday, December 15, 2012

Weekend Ramblings + Shop Update

Oops!  Missed my Thursday post.  I ended up spending that evening in the ER with a family member who was having some severe pain.  Thankfully, it just turned out to be a muscle sprain/spasm and not something more serious, but we were there until 3AM so a post was just not going to happen.

Friday evening was Doad's work Christmas Cocktail party.  I'm not much of a partyer partier party-er? (see I can't even spell it) but I really enjoy going to this event.  It's fun to have an excuse to get really dressed up and I like getting to know the people that Doad is spending his day with.

I also really enjoy pretending I'm rich and go to fancy, expensive restaurants on the normal - valet parking included.  Doad's company chooses a new restaurant in Baltimore to host the party each year so we have gotten to experience several fun little places thanks to them.  This year was a place called Bond Street Social.  They have amazing lobster fritters.  I want more.  The end.

When we first walked in, I thought the place looked like a very upscale, formal dining type of place.  We were in a back room behind a cool sliding door/wall with our own live music and bar.  Ooh la la :)  The party lasted until about 11 and I thought surely the rest of the place would be empty, I mean who comes out to eat at 11?  ... I'm so not a city person... The rest of the venue had now been turned into a club and was absolutely packed.  As we elbowed our way out the front door, I realized how much of a fuddy duddy I really am.  I love this stuff for about one night once a year, but I could never imagine going out like this every weekend.  It's fun, but exhausting!

So here I am, Saturday evening, JUST getting to my post.  Oopsies!

I had planned to share the newest addition to my Etsy shop.  But better late than never right?  :)  Here it is, my brand new Chocolate Floral Tote.

I hope you like it!  And I hope you click on over and take a closer look :)

Have a great weekend, everyone :)

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