Saturday, January 17, 2015

2014 Resolutions: November and December Wrap-up!

Got kinda quiet around here again.  I have some updating to do!  First things first, let's start off with our final goals recap for 2014.  I'll be doing both November and December since I kinda skipped both.

1. Run 100 miles this year. 
I'm pretty bummed about this goal.  I think I've just run out of steam since I know that I'm not going to be able to complete this goal.  I ran 3.51 miles in November and zero miles in December.  So my final running total for the year was 30.73 miles.  Definitely farther from my goal than I had hoped, but I am still proud of the work that I did and that I kept running at least a little bit for almost the whole year.

2. Get back to my wedding weight. 
So my weight definitely went up after the holidays, but I'm still counting this one as a success since I did hit this goal for several months this year.  We also have just started the Whole30 again, so I have high hopes that I will be hovering somewhere around this goal weight again in a few weeks. :)

3. Read 12 books. 
Check! I actually finished this goal in November, reading both The Nourished Metabolism  by Elizabeth Walling and The Nesting Place (affiliate link) by Myquillyn Smith.  They were both awesome books and I highly recommend them.  Especially The Nesting Place, I started out just reading it for fun, but I ended up getting so much motivation and so many great ideas for making our house more homey and can't wait to work on some of these fun ideas this year.  In December, I read the book Two From Galilee (affiliate) by Marjorie Holmes.  This is one of my favorite holiday books and I read it almost every December.  I finally got my own copy for Christmas last year so I don't have to steal it from my mom! ;) 

4. Read through one book together with Doad.
Check! :)

5. Find a cleaning routine that works. 
This is still a work in progress, but I do feel like it has improved since the beginning of the year.  Hopefully hubby agree. ;)

6. Sell one item from my Etsy shop.
This happened in April.  Yay!!! Unfortunately, my sales momentum went down after that and I didn't focus much on the shop the rest of the year.  As always, I have many ideas, they just keep getting pushed down on my priority list.  

7. Go to a marriage conference.
I'm really sad that this didn't happen this year, but we definitely have not ruled it out altogether and I'm still keeping my eyes out for a good one to attend this year.

8. Go on a date with one of my sisters each month.
For November, I had all three sisters over to my house.  We made cookies, and I modeled my bridesmaids dress for them while they helped me pick out matching shoes lol. :) I'm so fun.  It was a good time though and I always love our times of girl talk.  I was hoping in December to have a girls night with all three sisters and my two sisters-in-law but it just got so crazy busy that it didn't happen.  I'm still counting this goal as a success though, I think 10 out of 12 months is pretty good. :)

9. Learn Spanish
This is another partially completed goal.  I definitely learned *some* Spanish this year and while I wasn't expecting to learn ALL of it, I did really fizzle out towards the end of the year.  

So there you have it.  Five out of 9 goals definitely completed, 3 of them partially done, and only 1 that got no attention at all (which I'm not taking all the responsibility for because money, timing, and availability. hello!) Not too bad if I do say so myself.  :)  

How about you? 
How did your goals turn out?

Stay tuned for my 2015 goals and resolutions soon.
Hope you all had a great holiday and that your January has been going super well. :)