Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Day 28: Our Family

Today I'm thankful for my family.  Most of you know by now that I'm one of seven.  I have three younger (but taller) brothers and three younger sisters (mostly taller than me too).  My mom home-schooled all of us and still has three at home that she's teaching.  Her love of teaching and learning is very apparent and I'm thankful that she has passed that on to me.  My dad is a steady and reliable man at home and at his job where he has worked faithfully for over 25 years.  My siblings (and their spouses and soon-to-be spouses) ;) are my favorite, each in their own way and I'm thankful for the relationship that I have with each one of them.

I also married into a pretty spectacular family.  I always wished that I had older siblings growing up, and I finally got them when I married Doad.  Eight of them to be exact.  :)   My mother-in-law is so thoughtful and caring and my father-in-law is so kind and humble and joyful.  They're seriously the best in-laws ever and I'm so thankful that they love me and welcomed me into their family.

This post is shorter than I wanted it to be because I'm running behind and want to actually publish this before I go to bed, but as the 31 days wind down I wanted to make sure that I acknowledged my family and how thankful I am for them.  They have shaped who I am and are still helping to shape me today.  They pray for me and support and encourage me through hard times and rejoice and laugh and celebrate with me in the good times.  I'm so happy to be doing life with them and, family, if you're reading this, know that I love you and am so thankful for you.  <3

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