Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Day 14: Sewing Room

Today I'm thankful for my sewing room. We turned one of the extra bedrooms into a craft room and Doad has labored in love for me to turn it into a really beautiful space. It's still a work in progress but I love it and I love creating in this room.  I'm so excited to show you some pictures!  But first, you guys, I have to apologize.  I'm a super terrible photo taker and these pics are like the worst.  I tried to retake some but it's just not working so forgive me if none of these are pinterest-worthy.   ...and if anyone wants to give me some photo-taking tips, I'm all ears! ;)

Before we even moved into this house I dreamt of having a wardrobe turned sewing table for my craft room. My husband is amazing at making dreams come true and he found this beautiful wardrobe on craigslist and turned it into this beautiful piece without so much as a pattern!

This is the before picture.  It was a pretty nice wardrobe to begin with, but Doad just made it so "me" and I love how personalized it is now. 

Here's a pic of the table that he built to go inside.  It folds up and you can close the doors when it's not in use.  He's such a genius. :)

 Then he made it even more beautiful and painted it!!!!  <3

He even built me the cutest little ironing board so I can just swivel in my chair while I'm sewing to press my seams.  Love it!

Eeek! And look at those handmade shelves! See what I mean about labor of love?

This thread rack makes me smile. I love all the bright colors! :)

Ok, so moving onto the rest of the room.  My husband surprised me with this canvas one day. So sweet! I'm thinking a cute fabric bunting would look great on this wall. Not sure what else it needs. Any ideas? I also need to declutter that desk... And maybe get rid of the ladder ;)  #reallife #itsmessy

These fun decorations sit on top of my piano (opposite wall from the photo right above).  I have been contemplating painting the piano since we moved in, but just haven't pulled the trigger yet.  I really love the idea of a colored piano, but I'm afraid it will overpower the room.  Ah, decisions!

I have so many favorites in this room, but these lights are definitely one of them.  Every craft room should have fancy lighting in my opinion.  They are still being hooked up, but already make me feel so classy and glam.  ;)

So there's my craft room!  Again, I apologize for the picture quality and for the selective shots of the whole room.  We are still under construction in here, but hopefully I can do a big reveal post when it's actually "finished".  I hope you were still able to get a glimpse of why I love this room so much though.  Not only is it fabulously adorable, but almost all of it was done by my sweet husband.  He made and painted that sewing table.  He built and installed those shelves.  He bought and hung several of those pictures.  And he installed and wired those lights.  I walk into this room and not only do I feel peace and beauty an inspiration, but I feel love and sacrifice and care.  <3

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