Thursday, October 30, 2014

Day 30: Days off

Today I'm thankful for time off of work.  My nanny family is away on vacation, which means I get a mini vacation too.  I have grand plans for my time off, people.  I'm gonna make yogurt and catch up on laundry.  Woohoo!  ;)

Actually, I seriously am looking forward to learning how to make my own yogurt...

I also have lots of books and blogs and emails to read.  I know, I'm like the most exciting person.  Ever.

I can't believe tomorrow is the end of 31 days and that I actually kept up with it all.  There were a couple of late posts, but I'm so proud that I stuck with it and I really hope that I continue to keep writing on a regular basis.  Writing every day this month has really helped me to see that I have a lot more to say than I think I do and it doesn't have to be as intimidating as I make it out to be in my mind.  This challenge has given me more ideas for this blog and more things that I want to write about.

I feel like every few months I come to this realization that blogging doesn't have to be so hard and that I need to just do it.  I usually last for about a week and then let life get busy and stop writing again.  This month I forced myself to keep writing through the busyness and I just really hope that I continue to do that even after 31 days has passed.  This doesn't really have anything to do with my thankfulness topic for the day, but this blog has been a good way for me to keep myself accountable so I guess that's just what I'm trying to do while I'm still motivated.  ;)

Thanks to those of you who have read and commented and liked and encouraged me through this challenge.  I appreciate the support and hope that this encouraged all of you to stay thankful and positive this month too.  I also hope that as we head into November and prepare for Thanksgiving that maybe some of you will take your own thankfulness challenge this coming month.  What a great way to enter the holiday season, with a merry and grateful heart.  :)

PS.  I know there's one more day, just wanted to thank you all in advance. :) 

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