Monday, October 13, 2014

Day 13: Our Home

Today I'm thankful for my home.  Doad and I looked for a house for about 4 or 5 months before we found this place.  (Read the story here.) It was definitely a God thing that we found it and I'm so thankful that He brought us here.  

Our sweet, little home has three bedrooms, three bathrooms (the master has a heated floor, yes please!), a finished basement, a beautiful kitchen that's about three times the size of our last one, and two driveways - because we're just too fancy for one.

The second driveway is a gravel one that you can't see on the left side of the house.

We have a detached garage with space for two cars, a man cave, and a carport behind it.  Again, so fancy.  ;)

See the Hydrangea bush?  That's my favorite part! :)

Behind the garage is a double shed.  There's hardly anything in it right now and our friends and family keep trying to convince us to get chickens and turn it into a coop.  Doad is a solid "no" on that topic.  I'm ok with that because I have my sight set on goats someday - I figure I'll need all the bargaining power I can get for that one... ;)

If we sacrificed in one area to get this house, it would probably be the yard.  We were hoping for a nice yard that we could fence in for kids and a dog to play in and unfortunately, most of it is taken up by the garage and shed buildings.  There is a mulched in area that will fit a large play-set someday though, and a nice garden area behind the shed.

We have really enjoyed the fruit (har-har!) of our gardening efforts and I'm excited to continue learning more about how to grow our own food and become more self-sustaining in that area.

As I'm writing, I realized I never really gave a house tour on the blog after I moved in.  I'm going to spend the next few days showing you my most favorite parts of our home that I am thankful for.  It won't be a full blow tour, but you will get to see the places I spend the most time and the places that really make our house a home to me.  I hope you'll come back tomorrow and see! :)

PS. Don't forget the Wellness Family Summit starts today!  Tune in to listen to these awesome interviews.  Here's what's airing today and a sneak peak for tomorrow.  ;) 

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