Saturday, October 25, 2014

Day 24: Blogging

Today I'm thankful for blogging.  I'm obviously not the most consistent blogger, but I love blogging when I can and I'm thankful that I've discovered this outlet.  This month has been huge for me and I can't believe I've actually posted everyday (almost, of course this post ended up going out late...)

I love blogging because it keeps me creative.  It gives me a place to get thoughts out of my head and on "paper".  I love blogging because it gives me a way to document some of the experiences I have and share them with others.  I love that I can go back and read about those experiences myself and that I have a place to write down the details about life that I want to remember.  And I love that blogging gives me a little bit of accountability, like with my 2014 resolutions.  I know that I never would have kept up with them the way that I have without blogging about them every month.

Doing this monthly challenge has been a really cool exercise for me.  I've finally realized that it is possible to write a post without spending tons and tons of time on it.  I've let go of some of my perfectionism about my posts.  And hopefully, I will keep up with the habit and post a little more regularly even after the 31 days is over.

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