Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Day 21: The Beach

Today I'm thankful for the beach.  We just got back from a weekend there to celebrate Doad's birthday (and I kept blogging, aren't you so proud?!) :)  The beach is definitely one of our happy places and we love to get away there as much as possible.  We brought some friends along this time which was an extra fun treat. 

We are pretty lazy beach-goers, we love to just relax in the sun while people-watching.  During the summer we also like to cool off in the ocean, but during our fall trips it's usually too cold so we bundle up and just enjoy watching the waves and soaking in the beauty around us.

We are also arcade junkies so we take a little time to walk the boardwalk and visit the arcades.  We've gotten several people hooked on our favorite game and last time we went we came home with a Ninja blender! 

My favorite part of our beach trips is the quality time I get to spend with my husband.  I love the beauty of the ocean and the beach, but it makes it extra special to share that with Doad.  These vacations allow us to just enjoy each other's company and we usually end up having some great conversations because we're able to just slow down and be with each other.  I love that. :)

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