Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day 29: Friends

Today I'm thankful for friends. For the old friends who know my history and where I've come from 
 and for the new ones who are becoming part of my history right now. 

I've been feeling really blessed by the friends in my life lately and I think I'm starting to understand what it feels like when you find your "tribe" - that group of people you do life with, those friends that become an extended part of your family. These are the people that bring you meals after surgeries and births, that you loan your car to when theirs dies, that you talk to on an almost daily basis just to see how their day is going. These are the friends who come over for the evening and end up talking and laughing with you into the morning hours. The friends who give you deep encouragement when you need it and gentle confrontation too (and marriage advice, and doctor referrals, and that recipe for their fudge because O.M.G). 

I'm trying not to get too sappy here, but sometimes I feel like I was looking for these people for a long time without even knowing it. God has been so good to me to have brought these people into my life.  They love me and bless me and challenge me to be a better person.  I always look forward to the times we share together and am so thankful that God has crossed our paths. 

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