Friday, October 10, 2014

Day 10: Pick-Your-Own Farms

Today I'm thankful for PYO farms, particularly the one I go to, Larriland Farm.  I have been there several times this year and have picked pounds and pounds of delicious, locally grown fruit.  Yum!

6 pounds of blueberries, so tasty! 

We missed strawberry season this year, but have thoroughly enjoyed blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, and peach season! :)  Today, my sister and I returned to the farm for some apple picking.  Yay!

We also got to practice our tree climbing skills and ate about 10 apples while we were there!  They were just so crisp and flavorful.  :)  I went home with 12 pounds... so feel free to send your favorite recipes my way!  Hubby's birthday is coming up so I'm thinking an apple pie is in order. :)

I love this place because I get to support a local farm, I know where my food is coming from and how it has been treated, and call me crazy, but I just find it fun and empowering to collect my own food and bring it home for my family to enjoy.  I think it makes your food mean a little more and taste a little better when you've worked for it.  You can also bring others along and turn it into a social outing!  And don't forget the awesome tan you'll get! ;)

I've already planned our next trip: pumpkin picking! :)  If you're local, join me on Sunday, the 26th.  See ya there! :)

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