Thursday, October 16, 2014

Day 16: My Bathroom Vanity

Today I am thankful for my bathroom vanity. This feels like an odd thing to be thankful for so I'll explain. Growing up, I almost always shared a bathroom with at least one other person. There was often cramped mirror space for applying makeup and not enough bathroom storage for each girls' accessories.

Then I got married and Doad and I rented a cute little house. But for some reason our one tiny bathroom was on the other side of the house from the master bedroom. You had to walk thru the kitchen to get to it and there were no counters and very little space to store anything. I did my make up in a "spare room" (read: glorified hallway) where I kept my dresser, makeup stuff, and a mirror. (The rooms were really small and our dresser didn't fit in the master bedroom.)

So when we moved in to this house, it was a really exciting thing to have such a cute, little vanity section dedicated just for primping and beautifying in the mornings. I've got space, storage, natural lighting... it's heavenly! ;)

I have more ideas for organizing this space, but haven't settled on anything yet as I trade out my beauty products for less toxic options and change the types of things I store in here. 

So now you've seen where I get ready every morning.  :)  And where I started my day off with thankfulness this morning. :)

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