Friday, October 17, 2014

Day 17: The Kitchen

Today I'm thankful for our kitchen. I have mentioned once or twice that this house is much bigger than the first house we lived in and the kitchen is no exception. I love how much bigger our kitchen is now! Especially because I'm in it so much more now than I was before. I enjoy cooking and making healthy food for my family and I love having the space to do that easily.

Our pantry is gradually holding less and less boxes and mixes and more and more individual ingredients and homemade items.  It makes me happy to look in there and see my shelf of herbs and my raw honey and gelatin! lol #dork

Here is where I make our kombucha and where our stash of glass jars is taking over. They will eventually be stored in the pantry when I get around to cleaning it out.  ;)

I really love all the counter space! :)

Even though I love the size of the kitchen, I do feel that it gets a little dark in here with the way the windows are angled.  I love the natural light in the morning, but it gets very little sunlight the rest of the day. The walls are already a light yellow, but I'm wondering if painting the walls white will brighten up the room a little more. 

We are also trying to figure out what type of table to put in here. Our first table was really tiny which was actually nice because it gave us lots of open space in the kitchen.  We ended up never eating at it though, because it started to get treated like a coffee table and got cluttered so quickly. There also wasn't enough seating for guests.  Then someone gave us this table which is beautiful and has plenty of room for guests, but it takes up so much space and looks kind of awkward here.  We have it pushed up against the wall for everyday use and pull it out when people come over, but I just don't love it as a permanent solution.

We don't have a dining room, just a tiny, tiny living room and a super large mud room... So if anyone has some great ideas/solutions for our table dilemma, please share! :)

It's a quirky house, but we love it. :)

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