Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tough decisions...

So Jordan and I went to look at bed-sets this weekend and I pretty much had an emotional break down... NOT the reaction I thought I was going to have. Don't get me wrong, shopping for furniture for our new house is exciting and fun...but for an indecisive person like myself, this weekend resulted in a dilemma of Head Vs. Heart.

The issue is this:

Roomstore has the PERFECT bed. I mean perfect. It's like, what I've always pictured without knowing I was picturing it. I love it in every way...except the price - $750 for the bed alone, $600 for a mattress, $900 for a dresser and mirror, & $350 for one nightstand. Throw in a package discount and the total rings up somewhere around $2,450.

THEN - the discount store down the street is selling the non-perfect bed. And the dresser, mirror, chest, 2 nightstands, AND the mattress all for just under $2000.

Obviously, my head is telling me to be thrifty and wise and go with the better deal. But for some reason, my heart has latched on to this other dream of a bedroom set - thus the waterfall of tears last night.

Someone PLEASE tell me this is just wedding stress leaking out and I'm not going crazy...

I've been arguing with myself non-stop since last night trying to tell myself that:
  • Getting married is expensive and we will be glad we saved the money.
  • We could use the extra chest from the discount store to store off season clothes since there's not a ton of closet space
  • It's just a smart decision - more for less, who wouldn't make that choice?
But my heart always argues back:
  • We don't have to get all the pieces right now - we can save and buy as we need them
  • The dream bed has some storage built in so we might not really need a whole extra chest
  • We don't even have room for that much furniture right now anyway - half the discount furniture would end up in the basement.
I'm trying to think for the future too.... Which will we be the happiest with down the road? When money's tight will we wish we had saved a little more? Or will I never like the other bed after seeing the first one and always wish we'd gotten the dream bed?

Am I overanalyzing this? After all, it's just a bed...

...but it's our FIRST bed. And we'll probably be stuck with it for a while. And this dream bed, I don't know... I just love it. I can't even explain it... I can just see it in our house. I can picture late nights on it watching a movie. And lazy Saturday mornings just enjoying not having to go to work. I can picture children climbing in it after a bad dream at night (someday...wayyyy in the future :p) ...and the other bed? Well, I can't even remember what it looks like. And we just saw it this weekend. I'm sure I'd get used to it. I'm sure I'd forget about the other bed eventually, someday...maybe?

*sigh*... the indecisiveness could go on forever.

I think I'm gonna go look at the Roomstore website for the 12,000th time today...maybe it will be on sale this time.

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