Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Is it bedtime yet?

We got the Perfect bed! :) Oh, how happy am I. Jordan's parents are AMAZING and as a wedding gift from them and their family they are getting us this:


I couldn't be happier. Or more excited about bedtime now...not to say that I wasn't excited before ;)

So... after two emotional breakdowns already (yes, I had another one), the rest of the week is definitely looking brighter. Besides the fact that "Purchase [the perfect] bed" is now crossed off the to-do list and Punxsutawney Phil has declared an early Spring, I have also had a great coffee date with a friend this morning, small-group tonight, a meeting with our caterer tomorrow, and Joel's birthday on Friday. Productive AND fun. My kind of week. :)

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Mama Marchand said...

That is an AWESOME bed! Have fun. ;)