Sunday, July 1, 2012

Gettin' a Little Real and a Blog Announcement

I've been pretty proud this week that I have stuck to my She Reads Truth goals.  I did miss one day and one posting, but I blame the electricity outage from the storm this weekend.  I had a lot planned for Friday and Saturday... and none of it got done :(  

But moving on... The heart behind these goals is to make sure that I do more than just read a paragraph or two each day and then move on unchanged.  I don't want to forget the little lessons being whispered to me each morning.  

If there is one message that has really stuck out to me, it would be from the devotional on Day 2.  It talks about disappointment when things don't go our way or when our dreams for our lives seem slow in coming.  The author reminds us that, "Our plans, even on our very best day, are nothing compared to the amazing plans God has for us."

This is comforting for me, a major dreamer.  I love the author's reminder that God is sovereign in his timing, never too early or late in fulfilling his dreams in and for my life. I know that some of my dreams are from the Lord, and that they will come to pass some day. 

I don't talk about my dreams very often.  They're hard to explain and some are pretty wild.  But I will say that I don't think I've ever struggled with dreaming big for myself or the future.  Even as a youngster, I dreamt of being the next child actress or famous singer.  But it wasn't really the fame or spotlight I craved, believe it or not.  When I day-dreamt about celebrity life, I dreamt about the influence I would have.  I pictured TV interviews where I shared about my faith in Christ.  I saw myself singing and sharing the gospel to huge crowds.  I imagined lives changed by the Jesus they saw in me.
So proud to be the angel in a Christmas Nativity play!

Those dreams have changed and evolved over the years.  Ovbiously, I'm not a child star and I've never been on TV.  But I still dream of impacting others in a large way for Christ.  So when I read that last question in Day 2 of the devotional about chasing after a mediocre future when God wants to give you the extravagant, it really resonated with me.  I know God has extravagant dreams for me.  Even bigger than my own wild dreams for myself.  And that is super encouraging :)

But I also don't want to settle for the mediocre while I'm waiting for the extravagant.  And I don't want to miss the great moments and opportunities I come across in the present because I'm looking for something bigger and better in the future.  So I've made another goal and decided to make it a priority to blog more regularly about the things the Lord is doing in my life.  
  1. To keep me in the present and to show myself the progress I am making in becoming more Christ-like.  And...
  2. Because when God does do extravagant things in my life, I am sure going to want to write those down!

On the blogging note, I've been thinking about my blog: the look, the name, all of it.  And I just wasn't feeling it anymore... so... *brace for blog announcement*

We're Moving!

Just down the street in the blogger neighborhood, nothing too crazy. *wink*  But I'm really excited about a fresh look as I share my hopes, dreams, and all that God is teaching me.  My new blog is called Extravagant Dreams and I think both the name and the new look are a better fit for me. But I'd also love to know what you think. Won't you come share this journey with me?

  These are the thoughts I've been chewing on and mulling over this week.  I apologize if this was a little all over the place.  Thanks for letting me share! :)

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