Tuesday, July 17, 2012

You Know You Have an Awesome Hubby When...

  1. You send him to the grocery store for milk and Midol and he also brings back ice cream and chocolate.   
  2. He offers to do the dishes so you can catch up on all the blog posts in your Reader.
  3. He doesn't mind spending "date night" shopping for fabrics for your next sewing project.
  4. He actually helps you pick out the matching fabrics for your next sewing project and is totally awesome at it.
  5. He watches chick flicks with you when you're sick.... and when you're not sick. 
  6. He isn't grossed out by the amazing amount of snot you produce when you cry.... or by how gassy you can be sometimes. :/
  7. He kills every single bug you point out/squeal at without complaint. 
  8. He doesn't roll his eyes when you blame it on PMS.... every week (jk!)
  9. You start making dinner and he offers to do it for you instead.
  10. He can tell when you're upset and actually knows how to get you to open up about it.
  11. He doesn't laugh when you ugly cry.
  12. He sings and dances like a crazy person just to get a smile out of you.
  13. You don't know what to wear, so he picks out your outfit for you while you're in the shower - and it's a totally rockin' one too!
  14. He ALWAYS cleans the bathroom and takes out the trash for you, since you have an overly sensitive nose and can't do it without gagging.
  15. You come home from work to find a trail of rose petals leading you to a candlelit bubble bath (true story!)

And I'm sure there are a million more reasons out there too!  Basically, I'm one spoiled little wifey.  :)  Love you, baby!

Got any more reasons to add?  Leave me a comment about YOUR awesome man.  :)


tricia said...

Love this post, especially #1. Chris did that last week, too. ;)

Jessica Smith said...

Thank you, Tricia! And way to go, Chris! Our hubbies know us well. ;)

JoyLeanne said...

So sweet!!! Thanks for sharing. It can be so easy to focus on the negative and I love seeig these happy wife posts building up husbands! Ours sound a lot a like! (which isn't surprising since we are a lot alike!)

Jessica Smith said...

Aww, thanks, Joy! I am definitely a happy wife. :)