Monday, July 16, 2012

Why My Weekend Was Awesome

Well, ok.... it started out pretty normal.  The hubs and I enjoyed a good Saturday morning sleep-in.  We ate a lazy breakfast and then I headed off to do a hair trial for a bride in Gaithersburg.  We watched some good 'ol Disney with some friends that night and I realized how inappropriate Lady and the Tramp would be for children if it was about humans and not dogs.  

Then on Sunday we went to church and out to lunch with my awesome huge family.  And now I'm getting to the double awesome part :)  

We spent Sunday afternoon/evening at the ballpark hanging out with friends, eating Dippin' Dots, and of course watching the game (a little).  Then we stumbled upon The Cuteness.  :)  My brother-in-law brought his family to the game too!  :)  We got to spend the rest of the game up in the box seats with my nephew, The Cuteness.  Take a look!

 [1. The ballpark shot]  [2. Me and The Handsome-ness :)]  [3.  Uncle Doad]  
[4. Cooling off? He left it in there forever! lol]  [5. So sweet]  [6.  His mohawk kills me! Too cute!]
[7. Flirt!]  [8.  Already smart-phone savvy ;)] [9.  Perfect end to the night :)]

I know I'm biased, but I seriously have the cutest nephew in the world.  After my husband, he is the second best at cheering me up on a bad day.  :)  And on a good day?  Well, just look at that face again and tell me you wouldn't be grinning all day.  :)  

Hope you all had a super fantastic weekend too! 


Ellie Heidel said...

Super cuteness! :):) Love happy, family-filled weekends. Here's to many more to come! xoxo

Jessica Smith said...

Most definitely! It's super fun now that he's walking. He's such a cute little person! Hopefully next time we will be able to see you too! :)