Friday, August 7, 2015

Cancun 2015

I'm a little overdue for a vacation recap post, but I wanted to rehash the memories before they're faded and forgotten.  

We left on a Saturday afternoon and at first I was a little disappointed that we would be getting there so late, but it was actually nice to have time to eat breakfast and get to the airport without feeling rushed.  We got to the hotel late, maybe 10 or 11?  We ate a quick snack and of course had some free drinks and then crashed into bed.  

View from our room

 One of my favorite things about the trip was all the creatures we saw.  Particularly, the peafowl.  ;)  They were just roaming about the resort minding their own business, but I thought it was awesome.  Several times in the morning, we came outside after breakfast to see the peacock fanning his feathers.  It was so beautiful and so cool to experience it so closely.

The beach was beautiful and we spent hours each day just lounging and soaking up the sun and watching the people go by... and taking selfies, of course.

The beach is even beautiful at night.

All of the restaurants had beautiful views and delicious food.  The pics below are of our favorite restaurant.  They had scrumptious shrimp tacos that I couldn't stop eating and it was so close to the ocean that we still felt like we were on the beach.

So simple, but SOOOO delicious!
Their octopus sushi was also pretty good!
Our favorite restaurant at night.
Being serenaded at the Mexican restaurant

Besides eating and lounging, we also did an excursion one day.  We got to snorkel with turtles which was the highlight of the day for me.  Unfortunately, we don't have a water camera so there was no picture documentation of that part.  We did get pictures of the rest of the day which included repelling, zip lining, and swimming in a freshwater cave pool!

We're laughing here because the water was SO COLD!

  We had a great week with the perfect blend of adventures and relaxation.

Just looking at this picture makes me feel peaceful and rested. :)

Game time!
 The hardest part about this trip was leaving our sweet Lacey for 8 whole days.  I thought maybe she'd be a little upset with us for leaving her, but from all the snapchats my sister sent me, I don't think she missed us at all!!  She loves her time at my mom's house.  :)

It's always hard to leave a vacation, but it helped to have seeing Lacey again to look forward to.  I don't know if she missed me, but I sure missed her!

 I'm sure you can see why.  ;)

This silly girl brings me so much joy and laughter.

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