Friday, August 21, 2015

Breakfast at Tiffany's

My high school bestie's wedding is next month and I have the privilege of being her maid of honor.  It was a blast planning her shower with her awesome bridesmaids and, pardon my bragging, but I think it was one of the cutest showers I've attended.  Enjoy the photo dump below.  ;)

The bride-to-be with her mom and soon to be in-laws (Ben's sisters and Tiff's brother's fiancee).  :)

Fun note: Tiff is the only girl in her family (she has two older and two younger brothers) and Ben is the only boy in his (he has two older and two younger sisters).  They are both getting lots of new siblings! :)

The bridal party minus one.  Jaime, me, Tiff, Megan, and Kelly.

Tiff, I hope you had a fabulous time!  It was so much fun planning and celebrating with you.  :)

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