Friday, August 14, 2015

2015 Resolutions: July Recap

I'm looking at my calendar and trying to figure out what I did this July.  It appears that I spent most of this month at work or at doctor's offices.  


Apparently I also spent a little bit of time working on my goals.  Nothing huge, but here's what I've got for July.

1. Whole30

2. Get (and stay) pregnant
We can start trying again soon.  *fingers crossed!*

3. Quit my job

So technically I didn't quit.  But my tiny will be going to preschool this coming school year so I'll no longer be needed as of the end of this month.  This was definitely a kindness from God as I was planning to quit around this time anyway and now I don't have to have that awkward conversation.  Thank you, Lord. :)

4. Finish two books with Doad
We finally started our second book together.  Technically, we started in August - but I don't care, I'm putting it in the July update.  We are reading Seven by Jen Hatmaker.  I have a feeling it's gonna change us.  And I'm kinda scared and kinda excited all at the same time. 

5. Read 24 books

I did finish books #8 and #9 this month, but that means I have 5 months to read 15 books.  I don't know if I can average 3 a month - yikes!

I kind of went a little random this month, I read a book about haircutting and one about make-up.  I blame wedding season.  It stirs up the cosmetology interest in me every so often.  Here are the links if you're interested:

6. Marriage Conference

7. Cruise/vacation

See this post here for pics and recap!

8. Purple hair

Still purple :)

10. Keep up with Spanish lessons

I did listen to a couple lessons this month, but I am going to have to rethink this routine... or find a new one. The lessons are 30 minutes long and I don't have a commute that long anymore (and soon I won't have a commute at all!!) - it's hard to keep up and remember where I left off because the lessons are always overlapping depending on my driving time.

11. Learn to drive stick shift

So we did practice again and I drove home from the park - only a tiny bit farther than driving home from the pub lol.  We've been meaning to go out again soon.  Perhaps this time I will drive all the way to Walmart! :p

Alrighty, well I'm consistent with the "slow and steady" mentality.  I may not accomplish all of my goals this year, but I will definitely make progress towards them.  I hope this motivates you to keep reaching for your goals too.  Sometimes they happen little by little so the key is to keep moving and never give up.  

What is one thing you can do today to take a step toward your goal?
Let me know in the comments!

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