Monday, September 9, 2013

Cranky Pants

Ugh! So I'm about to vent for a minute.  Sorry.

Tonight is date night and also the opening game for the Redskins.  Our plan was to make a yummy dinner and watch the game all cozy in our jerseys.  I might have planned to do some blogging while watching the game.  We were gonna win and it would be a perfect date night.

None of that is happening right now.

And now I'm cranky because nothing is going according to "the plan".  :(  I didn't think my expectations were that ridiculous.

Ok, maybe winning the game was more of a hope than an expectation.

But I can usually cook a decent meal for dinner.  We've been using this meal plan I found online with lots of new recipes, but they have all been delicious so far.  Tonight we found the one we hate...

We don't have cable and according to my husband, the home game is not on local tv for the first time ever.  We are watching it bootleg from the laptop.  (#rebels)  And we are not winning right now. :(

Since we're using the laptop to watch the game, the only blogging that's happening is during the two minute commercial breaks.  I had a totally different post in mind, but it's taken me 3 quarters to write this much.  Also, my mouse keeps disappearing so I'm afraid to try and edit photos or upload that awesome video of my friend gagging on a shot.  That video will be going up sometime though, no worries.  Just not tonight.

We're not even cuddling while we watch football.  There's a beer pong table next to me on the bed and Doad is decorating it with beer caps.  I was pretty grumpy though, so I can't blame him.  And the table does look frickin' awesome.  It just wasn't "the plan" that I had in mind.

I wanted to be that awesome wife tonight that cooked that bangin' dinner and made my husband feel loved and appreciated and instead I'm cranky... and kinda hungry.  And not exactly makin' my husband feel all the romantic feelings.

*sigh*  I'm sorry, guys.  This has got to be the worst blog post ever.  I try to keep things fairly positive around here.  But I also want to keep things real.  And this is how I'm feeling right now, I guess I just needed to let off a little steam.  Forgive me?

What are your date nights like?
And how do you blow off steam from unnecessary grumpiness?  :)

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