Thursday, June 6, 2013

Garden Beginnings

Doad and I have embarked on our latest and greatest adventure: the world of gardening.

My is it intimidating.

I really just thought you stuck seeds in dirt, waited for the rain, and then picked your veggies at the end of the summer....

Ok, so that might be a slight exaggeration, but I was surprised by all the preparation and different methods there were to gardening.  I am a researching nerd so of course I looked at twelve million different websites and pinterest boards and gardening blogs before getting started with my own.  And then I had a panic attack.  

JK!  But I was a little stressed out - mainly because I then felt like I knew even less about gardening than I realized.  But then I stumbled upon this little gem of a website:  It helped a bunch!  Basically, it does all the planning for you.  You enter in the dimension of your garden, pick what type of plants you want to grow (they recommend them for you based on where you live and what season you're in), and when you want to grow them and voila!  They plot the garden for you, tell you how many of each kind to plant based on the number of people in your household, they even give you a weekly to-do list!  Cha-ching!  Gardening made easy again. :)

This is our garden after we first planted it.  We planned to do everything from seeds except for the peppers, but a neighbor gave us some cucumber and cherry tomato starts so we used those too.  I started getting really skeptical after we planted - I mean, how weird is it that you put a tiny, dead seed in the ground and it turns into a huge plant?  I wasn't holding my breath.  

But we watered and weeded faithfully (all according to our checklist, of course!) and here is our garden just a week and a half later!

The seeds are sprouting!  Yay!!!!  

Check out these cute little peppers!  I'm so proud! :)

The weeds are also taking off like crazy ;P  We decided to only use part of our garden and got lazy with keeping the unused part weeded.  I'm hoping to tackle that soon just to keep the area looking nice. It will not be happening this weekend, however, as we are off to Canada for a weekend on the lake with hubby's family.  Hellooooo Summer vaca! :)

What are your latest adventures?  
Do you garden?  Please, pass on your wisdom!  :)

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Arlene and David Diehl said...

Oh my gosh. I so relate to your anxiety about gardening, only mine is over my yard, not something so ambitious and a vegetable garden (which I tried two years ago only to surrender to grasshoppers and frost) It was a near total epic failure. All we got was some carrots. And I vowed that is was not worth the soil I purchased, tilled, planted, watered and weeded-- no matter what. It is hard to grow anything on this piece of the Montana sky that I live under.