Thursday, May 1, 2014

2014 Resolutions: April Recap

Yea, I've been slacking again.  I do this thing where I get lots of thoughts that I want to share and then I get overwhelmed and don't know how to write them down and so I just ignore my blog for a while.  So I'm taking the easy way out and just writing my monthly goals recap.  For now.  :)

1. Run 100 miles this year. 
This month started out terribly.  We didn't run at all until last week.  And then we killed it.  In one week we ran 5.81 miles.  That's like 50% of what we've run so far lol.  So now our total to-date is 15.59 miles and we have 84.41 miles to go.  Oh, and we met my goal of running the loop through 3 times - our first run over 2 miles! :)

2. Get back to my wedding weight. 
Still not there.  This honestly just isn't a super strong focus for me right now.  I'm focusing on eating healthier and exercising when I can.  If the weight doesn't come off, I'm kind of okay with that because I know overall that I am making healthier choices.  BUT... hopefully, the weight decides to come off anyway. ;)

3. Read 12 books. 
Four down and 8 to go.  This month I read The Silver Chair.  One more book to go and I will be moving on from the Narnia series. :)

4. Read through one book together with Doad.
Well... we met our goal for the month.  We read one chapter and that's it.  I'm tempted to make my goal for this month to read 2 chapters, but I know us better than that.  Unfortunately, if we read one chapter we'll be doing good. :/

5. Find a cleaning routine that works. 
Nope. Not yet.  We did do a little bit of Spring Cleaning, but rather than help me get into a routine, it wore me out and threw off my "routine".  Haha.

6. Sell something from my online shop.
CHECK!!!!! You guys, so excited that I accomplished this goal.  I made a sale on April Fools Day. Haha.  It was not a joke though.  I also got some new vision for the shop and made some new items for the shop.  Hopefully this month I will get them listed. :)

7. Go to a marriage conference.
Still looking for one. Any recommendations??

8. Go on a date with one of my sisters each month.
I changed it up this month and decided to take all my sisters out on a date together.  We explored the shops in historic Sykesville and had so much fun!  My sisters are the best and I love hanging out with them.

9. Learn Spanish
Another slowish month in this area.  This month we worked on past tense and it was just hard for me to grasp.  I'm starting to get it though.  Definitely not giving up! :)

How are your goals going?  
It's never too late to set some new goals or renew ones you've lost sight of!

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