Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Tale of Two Surgeries...

Oh hey!  Remember that time when I used to blog regularly?

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Yea... that's right, I never do that.  Not even for Star Crossed Recaps... which we watch and tape once a week.  Except that we skipped it for like 3 weeks because Life.

For example, a couple weeks ago Life happened to us in the Tale of Two Surgeries.  Dun dun dun DUHN!

Once upon a time, on a Tuesday to be precise, Doad came home from work with a really bad stomachache.  I knew it was bad cuz he was already in bed in pj's by the time I got home from work.  We thought it was gas, but gas doesn't make you throw up for 4 minutes straight... So then we thought it was some sort of stomach bug.  I asked him a couple of times if he wanted to go to the doctors, but all you ladies with stubborn tough, handsome husbands know what his answer was.

Here's the thing: when I get sick, I get like medium sick for 5 days.  Its that sucky in between sick where you're not quite sick enough to justify calling out of work, but you feel like absolute crap all day and just wanna be horrible to everyone you talk to.  Or cry.  Or both.  When hubs gets sick, he gets like extreme sick for one day.  One day, people.  And I love it and hate it because I spend the whole time wondering if he's dying on me, but it only lasts for one night and then it's over and he's his wonderful, happy self again.

I thought this was his almost dying sick and that when I woke up he'd be all better, so I went to sleep.  I had to get up and take this cute thing to get spayed in the morning.

Obviously, she was thrilled...

Hubs tossed and turned all night, I know cuz I woke up to it every hour. :p  He was still in bed when I got up, so I assumed that he had taken the day off to get some sleep and hopefully he was on the up and up.  There's often not much I can do when he's feeling sick, I've learned to just let him rest and let his body do his thing.  Looking back now, I feel like I was neglecting him and should have known sooner that something more serious was going on, but at this point I thought he still just needed rest.  I left to take the dog to the vet and got home about an hour later.

When I walked in the bedroom he was sitting on the side of the bed sort of hunched over.  He said the pain had sort of moved to his right side and asked me what the symptoms of appendicitis were.  As soon as he said that I knew.  He was like 10 for 10 out of the symptoms and that convinced him that it was doctor time.  

Hello ER... Hello CT Scan... Hello surgery in a couple of hours!

Doad did great through surgery and is the Happiest, Nicest, Jolliest person you've EVER met on drugs.  Even the transport guy who's only interaction with Doad was wheeling him from the recovery room to his private room said, "He's just the nicest guy!" on his way out the door lol.  My baby was feeling GOOD!  

"Happy drugs"

But then it was night time, and night time at hospitals is a special sort of torture.  And then there were fevers.  And another night of special torture.  And then we finally came home on Friday, tired as the dickens and so, so excited to sleep more than an hour without something beeping or someone sticking a thermometer in your face.  

So over having his vitals taken. :(

Our family and friends were awesome and provided us with meals and visits/entertainment to get through the weekend and allow Doad to rest without dying of boredom.  My mom was an absolute angel and picked up the dog from her surgery and nursed her back to health with the help of my siblings while I stayed with Doad in the hospital.  She was very glad to see us on Friday and oh, how we missed her too.  My poor little baby girl.

So I somehow got my dog spayed and my husband an appendectomy on the same day and survived.  It was really hard and I definitely wouldn't recommend it and definitely couldn't have done it without family and friends who pitched in and helped so much.  Our neighbor even mowed our lawn and Doad's work buddies bought us groceries. What? So nice!

I'm so thankful to say that both my husband and my little pooch are healing well and we are so blessed by the way people rallied around us to not only pray for us and visit us, but help meet physical needs that we had as well.  It's humbling to admit that I don't know how to mow my own lawn, but also pretty cool to see others step in as the hands and feet of Christ to serve and love us.  I'm looking forward to finding ways to pay it forward to others and to bless them the way that I was.  :)

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