Thursday, June 14, 2012

Weekend of Awesome-ness

So after writing this post and mentioning that we weren't going to be able to go to Canada, my wonderful, amazing, awesome hubby comes home the next day and asks if I want to go to the beach for the weekend since we couldn't do our family vaca.  Ummm... YES!!!!

I am a total beach bum and am so down for spontaneous beach weekends.  Looks like we got our mini vacation after all. :)  Isn't God kind?

Our hotel was right near a Sonic.  I sort of have a major addiction to Sonic (formed during my two years in Texas when I lived 1.5 minutes away from one.  Happy hour slushies?  Every. DAY.)   I think we ate at Sonic a total of four times during our short weekend there.  Yea, my stomach kind of hates me now, but it was so worth it! 

The US Airforce Thunderbirds also happened to be in town, so we got a cool airshow all weekend.  The traffic it caused wasn't so awesome, but it was pretty nifty watching these huge planes swirl and twirl, and dip and dive-bomb.  

We spent the day lazing in the perfect, warm, sun, and then cooling off in the chilly, but refreshing water.  We read books, tossed a football around, people watched, ate way too much greasy food, and just basically had the most awesome two-day vacation ever.  

Sorry for the blurriness - I can't figure out how to fix it! :/

One of the things I love about OC is the street performers that come out at night.  My favorite is the Spray Paint Artist.  He is so cool!!!!!  

We also saw a hyperactive kid playing guitar and harmonica so fast we thought he was going to pass out.  We're horrible people so we sat and giggled at him while we ate our ice cream.  Don't worry, he didn't know.  *sheepish smile*

The last time we went to OC we sort of got hooked on this arcade game.  We played so much we ended up with enough tickets for a football, a lanyard, and cute little beach decorations that make our bathroom look pretty.  This time?  We got addicted to an even bigger, better game.  

You know those weirdos you see with a million tickets coming out of their machine?  They have to practically wear their tickets in order to carry them all around.  They're the ones that win those awesome prizes that cost thousands of tickets and not the measly 100 or so that normal people win.  Well... We were THAT couple.  

Seriously, guys.  We had almost 12,000 tickets... I was carrying them around in a plastic bag because I couldn't hold it all in my hands.  But I'm not ashamed of our geeky-ness; we totally had a blast and made some hilarious memories.  We also won an awesome Coleman tent that I carried around proudly for the rest of the day.  Funny, right? Who wins a tent at an arcade??  

We do. :)

Suffice it to say, it turned out to be a pretty spectacular weekend.   While I still wish we could have made it to Canada with our family, our weekend at the beach turned out to be just what we needed.  We both came back rested, de-stressed, and definitely tanner.  Or redder in my husband's case (hehe!) 

We are blessed indeed. :)

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