Thursday, May 10, 2012

I dropped my phone...

... in the toilet.  :/  Major bummer.

Don't even ask me how this happened.  I had just gotten home from work and think I must have still been in the coma induced state that hits you as soon as you leave the office and get into your car.

 I walked into the bathroom, lifted the lid, and SLIP!  Into the porcelain throne it goes.  :(

Yes, I reached in and grabbed it.  And YES, I soaked my hand in antibacterial hand sanitizer afterwards.  Yuck!

I tried soaking it in rice for a few hours, but it wasn't working so Hubby saved the day and blasted it with air from my blow dryer during commercials while we watched The Big Bang Theory.

It almost made a full recovery.  I lost all the apps that were saved on my SD card, but it miraculously saved the pictures and videos.  So thankful for that!!!!

So now I am doing a total app purge on my phone and starting over.  I had way too many pointless apps and they were major slowing down my phone.  Like the poker game I played once and haven't touched since. Or that recipe app that I barely used.  I'm trying to only download/keep ones that I actually use on a regular basis.

 So how about you guys...any recommendations on new ones I should download?  What are your top phone apps that you can't live without?

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