Saturday, May 12, 2012

I dropped my phone.... (Part 2)

Remember this post?  The one with the happy ending, because even though my phone attempted suicide it took my advice and lived?

Of course you do.  I posted it two days ago.  Well... the unthinkable has happened.  I kid you not, FIVE MINUTES after I clicked "Publish" on that post my phone re-attempted (and succeeded) its suicide mission.


I can't even believe I did this.  The sad thing is, it happened the same way.  I totally should have known better than to put my phone in my back pocket when I went to the bathroom.  I usually don't do that.  :/  I'm actually pretty furious with myself.  :(

Hubby made a valiant effort at reviving it back to life.  He even got a flicker on the screen after all the blow drying and rice soaking.  But the poor phone just couldn't survive two potty dunks in a week.

So if I'm not answering your texts and phone calls, I apologize.  Also, if you know anyone who has a spare phone, let me know! ;)  Most people with a broken phone have told me they enjoyed the break from having to talk to everyone, but I'm feeling lonely and disconnected. I spent the morning looking online for a replacement that won't break the bank.  HA!

Rest in Peace, little phone.  I'm sorry I drowned you.  :(

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