Monday, November 3, 2014

2014 Resolutions: October Recap

I can't believe that there are only two months left in this year.  So crazy!  Only two months left to finish my 2014 goals.  Yikes!  Let's see how I'm doing.  ;)

1. Run 100 miles this year. 
I'm pretty bummed about this goal.  I think I've just run out of steam since I know that I'm not going to be able to complete this goal.  I ran 1.73 miles in October.  The total now is at 27.22 miles leaving 72.78 miles to go to meet the goal.  My mini goal for October is to run 3 miles so that I can at least hit 30 miles for the year.  Hopefully, I can work up the motivation.  ;)

2. Get back to my wedding weight. 
I actually haven't weighed myself at all this month.  I'm pretty happy with where I'm at now though and am focusing more on making sure I'm eating healthy, nourishing foods instead of numbers on a scale.  

3. Read 12 books. 
I am on track to meet this goal.  Yay!  This month I read a book called Fast Your Way to Health by Lee Bueno-Aguer.  This is the first book that I felt kind of "eh" about after reading.  It was interesting and informative, but I think I'm just at a place in life right now where fasting is not a super high priority or conviction for me right now.  I've added the book to my Amazon store though, just in case anyone is interested in checking it out. 

4. Read through one book together with Doad.
Check! :)

5. Find a cleaning routine that works. 
I did laundry AND dishes today... does that count?

6. Get new items listed on my online shop.
I have a feeling that this just isn't going to happen for a while.  I just have so much else going on that is taking a higher priority right now.  Eventually, I'd love to focus on the shop again, but I don't know if that will happen before the year is over.

7. Go to a marriage conference.
Also, not too optimistic about this goal either.  I think we may have missed the boat with this one.  :(

8. Go on a date with one of my sisters each month.
Check. :)  This month my date was with Jill.  We had a great chat at the lake while we walked Lacey around the trails.  I love our times together and am looking forward to this month's sister date already.  :)

9. Learn Spanish
Oops!  I totally forgot about this goal all month.  I need to get back on track with this.  Now that my commute is shorter (yay!) I have to be more creative about when I have time to listen to a lesson.

Well, my motivation towards these goals has definitely been lacking a little lately.  I basically only focused on reading, cleaning, and hanging out with my sister this month.  I want to finish the year strong, but I'm also really tempted to let the cold get to me and spend the next two months wrapped in blankets on the couch! ;)

How are you all doing?  
What are your tips for staying motivated?

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