Saturday, January 18, 2014

Why 2014 Is Already Kicking My Butt...

It's been a tough year so far.  Yes, I'm talking about the only 2 1/2 weeks of 2014 that we've experienced.

We rang in the New Year with the both of us sick in bed.  Thank you, Little Stinker Elf, that gave us germs for Christmas... I got sick the day after Christmas and then gave it to Doad (sorry, hubby!) the following Sunday.  It was a doozy of a cold too.

LOL, look at that feverish glow.  

Lacey was very sweet and snuggly tho.  She could tell we were not feeling well and (for the most part) behaved very kindly to us.  

We still have a lingering cough (still!) but we were feeling well enough to get out of bed on the 1st, just in time to clean the house and get ready for work the next day.

So Thursday comes and we make it through work - we're tired, but we survived.  We even made it home safely in the snowy conditions, cuz of course, this story has to have inclement weather involved.

Lacey was having a blast in the snow.  We ran around with her watching her kick up the snow and attack random flakes - it was so cute!  This was kinda odd behavior for her cuz she HATES the cold normally.  She shivers the instant she steps outside and one of her favorite pastimes ever is just snoozing in front of the heater as close as she can get to it without knocking it over.

Right before bed, I decided to take a quick shower and Doad took Lacey out for one last potty before going to sleep.  When I came out of the bathroom, I experienced my least favorite moment of being a puppy mom ever.

While Lacey was outside, she started playing in the snow again.  When she got near the house, she took a jump from the grass to the concrete part of our back patio.  It's not a big leap, but her back feet gave out in the slippery snow and she landed on her elbow and broke it.

:( :( :( My poor baby.  Doad brought her inside by the heater and we tried to figure out how serious it was.  She yelped anytime we got near her arm so we knew pretty quickly that it wasn't good.  We bundled up and slipped and slid our way to the emergency vet in the snow. Most stressful night of my life!!!

We were hoping it was just a sprain or a small break - of course it was the worst case scenario and she needed to have surgery.  They couldn't do it there tho, so they put a splint on, gave her some pain meds, and sent her home for the night.  It was absolutely heartbreaking to hear her moan in pain all the way home and throughout the night as she tried to find a comfortable position to sleep in.  No one slept well.

We saw the specialist the next morning and they were able to squeeze her in for surgery at 5 that night. We stayed with her as long as we could and then headed home for a quiet night.  I called them several times to check on her, which they were great about, and spent most of my time counting down the minutes til we could pick her up.

So far, the recovery has seemed to go pretty well.  She doesn't seem to be in pain at all and has done pretty good at being on bed rest for a puppy with limitless energy.  Her days have mostly been spent cuddling with me and sleeping/reclining in every weird way possible.

We were very excited for bandage removal day, especially because she has seemed to be doing so well.  We took it off Monday night and had very mixed feelings about what we saw.  The incision seems to be healing perfectly.  The sutures definitely look ready to come out.  But the bone itself seems to have sprouted another elbow or something.  On the side of her arm right under her sutures (which should be flat) there is a rather large bump protruding.

The doctor said it could just be swelling, but it hasn't gone down at all even with the recommended heat packs.  We go in today for x-rays and hopefully some answers and good news, but I'm really struggling not to be nervous about it all.  We haven't gotten tons of good news so far this year.

On top of Lacey's accident, we've also gotten a cracked windshield and a broken refrigerator since we rang in the New Year.

So yea, this year has kicked my butt so far.  I'm hoping for some good news today and maybe a change in our fortunes haha.

How has your New Year been?  Hopefully better than ours!  
I'd love to hear from you. :)

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