Saturday, February 1, 2014


The bump on Lacey's arm turned out not to be a third elbow.  (Thank goodness.)  However, it did turn out to be the screw in her arm backing out so we had to take her back that Monday for a second corrective surgery to put in a different (bigger) screw.

(Sticking out so far! My poor baby.)

The surgeon ended up not having the screw that he wanted to use, so he had to put in a different one. He was very vague about the differences and once he could tell that I was worried about it, tried to brush it all off as not a big deal.  I'm not too happy about this, especially since she still had a slight bump on her arm once we took the second bandage off.  I'm really hoping this is just normal swelling and that they give us the "all clear" at her check-up this Saturday.  I'm gonna be one angry puppy mama if they say that this screw is backing out again too.

I swear that I've been religious about keeping her on bed-rest.  She walks when she goes out to go potty, stands when she eats, and walks the two feet from her crate to our bed where she camps out most days.  Other than that, this poor girl has had a pretty boring life for the past month and I will be super depressed if it ends up being in vain.

I love her so much and just can't wait til she can play like a normal puppy again. Seriously though, how can you not love this face?

Also, she's huge now and I can't handle having to carry her everywhere for another month.  Please let this be over now!

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