Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Quick Review on Year 1 of Married Bliss :)

Well, this year has absolutely flown by.  Wanna see what I've been up to the past year?? Take a look! :)

MARCH 2011
March, 12, 2011.  Absolutely, the best day of my life. :)  

We honeymooned in the Dominican Republic, soaking up lots of sun and enjoying the BEAUTIFUL views.  I felt like we stepped into a postcard for a week, everything was so gorgeous.  

April 2011
My bestie and I pulled an awesome April Fool's prank on my husband and his friends while they were at their poker guy's night.  Well... we thought it was awesome...they thought it was awful.  It resulted in our first married couple fight later on, but thankfully he forgave me and I vowed never to mess with his car again. :)

May 2011 

We hosted our first family night at our house in May.  Below is what the basement looked like when we first moved in.  We put down the flooring by ourselves and found an amazing deal on the sectional sofa so we were very proud of how cozy we made our new little house. :) 

June 2011
In June, I got my first salon job as a hairstylist at an Aveda salon nearby.  I became their Color Specialist after only 3 months of working there.  While I'm not there anymore, it was a great learning experience and I am so thankful for all the opportunities I had there.

July 2011
Celebrating the 4th together. :)  

August 2011
Birthday month!  I am forever in love with the beach, so hubby took me to Ocean City for the day on my birthday weekend.  This is me all dressed up in my birthday shirt from my sweet baby sister.  

September 2011
We added a new member to our family in September.  Meet Ava.  She is sweet, but spunky, and the most curious bunny I've ever met.  She loves to help me get ready for work in the morning by running in circles around my feet.  She also likes to imitate me by standing on her two hind feet and looking into our full length mirror with me while I put on my make-up.

October 2011
Hubby's birthday month and Halloween, of course.  I was Batgirl.  He was Horrible Pun Man. :)  

November 2011
Turkey Bowl!  I look really mad in this picture, but I had tons of fun!  Even caught some passes and almost made a touchdown.  That's my goal for next year. :)

December 2011
Along with all the normal holiday activities we did, we also helped out a friend by "starring" in his Zombie spoof web series trailer for a school project.  Don't we look absolutely dreadful? 

January 2012
We partied in the New Year in style!  ....and then got up super early to teach Sunday School the next morning haha.  DEFINITELY took a nap that afternoon. :)

February 2012
This is us at a UMD women's basketball game for my sister's birthday.  We beat Duke at the last second - such a great game!

March 2012
We got super lucky and were able to find a great deal on a second honeymoon for our anniversary.  :)  It was a much needed vacation and we had a wonderful time reliving the great memories from our first year and sharing our hopes and dreams for the year to come.  I am a blessed woman indeed to be sharing life with this incredible man. :)

Hope you all enjoyed the update!  

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