Friday, October 9, 2015

2015 Resolutions: September Recap

I hope you guys realize that there are only 76 days until Christmas at this moment.  Seventy-six!!  That means we've been working on our goals for 281 days and we only have 84 days left in the year! Holy cow, we better get crackin'!

1. Whole30

2. Get (and stay) pregnant
Nothing yet

3. Quit my job

4. Finish two books with Doad
Still reading...

5. Read 24 books

I finished book #11 and #12.  I'm close to finishing #13 too, but I am still ironing out the kinks in my new routine and have not made much time for reading lately.  At this point, I doubt I will finish 24 books by the end of the year, but I will definitely read more than last year, so I am focusing on that progress and still trying to read as many as possible.  :)

Book #11 was The Better Baby Book (aff.) by Lana Asprey.  This was not my most favorite baby book that I have read as there were several recommendations in it that I either disagreed with or felt were not explained well enough for me to be comfortable following them.  I've linked to it anyway because there was a lot of good info in there as well, you just have to be smart while you read it and do your own research as well.  

Book #12 was another fun book from my birthday haul, Seriously... I'm Kidding (aff.) by Ellen Degeneres.  This was very light reading.  Lighter than I thought it would be.  But it's pretty hard to dislike such a kind, funny lady and I found the same to be true with her book.  A couple chapters had me laughing out loud... in public... so that was fun.

6. Marriage Conference

7. Cruise/vacation

8. Purple hair

9. Keep up with Spanish lessons

So... remember when I said I was gonna bring the CD's in from the car?  And put them on my phone?  And listen to them while I walked my dog?  

They're still in my car.  

10. Learn to drive stick shift

Still shooting to practice this in October.  I'm getting a little rusty so we are definitely due for it.  Doad asked me to start his car the other day and I couldn't remember how.  I was afraid to stall it out so I just put the key in the ignition and got into the passenger seat lol.  

Not a strong month for me.  It looks like the only thing I made progress in was my reading goal and even that wasn't very much.  My baby steps were few and far between this month.  But that's okay.  You know why?  Because I still made progress.  

Keep on chugging, Dreamers.
All forward motion is progress.

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